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Chirp Network’s

a platform for passionate individuals to drive awareness, education, and adoption of Chirp's groundbreaking solutions. As we expand our global reach Chirp Ambassadors will play a pivotal role in revolutionizing DePIN, Telecom and IoT industries.

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Chirp is privileged to have a community of dedicated members who go beyond the call of duty. These exceptional individuals are Chirp Ambassadors – key drivers of adoption who consistently contribute to the project's success. Join us as we create a network of influential voices that resonate with Chirp's vision.

Making an

Chirp ambassadors come from all walks of life, united by their passion for Chirp Network. They play a crucial role in expanding our global presence through education, engagement, and advocacy. As Chirp Ambassadors, you'll enjoy a range of benefits that include rewards, exclusive access, and the opportunity to shape Chirp's future.

Roles and

Content Creator

As a Content Creator, you'll drive adoption by crafting engaging and informative content that showcases Chirp's potential. This could encompass a variety of formats, from articles and videos to graphics and tutorials.

Who is the Audience

Reach out to those who seek to understand the intricacies of Chirp Network and its benefits.

Profile of Applicants

Individuals with a passion for effective communication, regardless of their professional background.

Eligibility Requirements

Submit at least three pieces of previously published content that aligns with Chirp's values and educates the community.

Meetup Organizer

Meetup Organizers create physical gatherings where Chirp enthusiasts can connect, network, and learn. Your role involves organizing events that foster engagement and learning.

Who is the Audience

Crypto or non-crypto croud. Anybody who could be potentially interested in using Chirps solutions, it could be businesses or individuals that want to learn how to automate with chirp. It could be blockchain and tech enthusiasts who are curious about Chirp DePIN potential.

Profile of Applicants

Individuals interested in hosting events that educate and engage non crypto and crypto communities. Individuals need to have good technical knowledge on how to add devices and need to understand how the network operates.

Eligibility Requirements

Host a minimum of two meetups based on Chirp-related themes within the past three months. Provide proof of previous events to qualify.


Moderators curate online communities, ensuring a positive, productive, and engaging environment for Chirp enthusiasts. Your role involves guiding conversations, answering questions, and fostering a welcoming atmosphere.

Who is the Audience

Support Chirp users across various platforms and languages, promoting informed discussions.

Profile of Applicants

Individuals with a deep understanding of online community dynamics and a desire to nurture a welcoming environment.

Eligibility Requirements

Demonstrate active participation in Chirp's online channels, such as Twitter, Telegram, Discord or other social media platforms.


Translators contribute to Chirp's global expansion by translating content into different languages, enabling wider adoption.

Who is the Audience

Extend Chirp's message to non-English speakers, promoting inclusivity and accessibility.

Profile of Applicants

Multilingual individuals with a commitment to making Chirp accessible to a global audience.

Eligibility Requirements

Translate and publish a minimum of 3,000 words related to Chirp’s content. Translator should be Fluent in English and can translate content only to his/hers Native Language. Publish your translations on medium with hashtags, modify content to crosspost your translations on Reddit, Linkedin, Discord, Telegram and Twitter with hashtags.


Reviewers play a vital role in maintaining the quality of Chirp's ambassador program by evaluating submissions from other ambassadors for quality assurance, they review new ambassador applications and scout for emerging talents. After thorough due diligence, reviewers dynamically involve the community in voting for the approval of new ambassadors, elevation of existing ones, or potential removal of underperforming members.

Who is the audience

Chirp's ambassador community and content consumers.

Profile of Applicants

Experienced ambassadors with a deep understanding of Chirp's goals and values.

Eligibility Requirements

<ul> <li>Demonstrated history of being an active member.</li> <li>Ability to perform due diligence, ensuring quality and accuracy.</li> <li>Provide unbiased and constructive feedback for submitted work.</li> </ul>

Ambassador levels

Chirp's Ambassador Program features three reward levels, each designed to reward active participation. As you advance, your rewards increase, reflecting your dedication to the program and the Chirp community.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Payment Terms
for Chirps

Pre-Network Launch Payment Terms

Up to 600 CHIRP per month for submitted and approved work. Compensation will be distributed in CHIRP tokens.

Post-TGE (Token Generation Event) Payment Terms

Up to $300 USD equivalent in CHIRP tokens per month for submitted and approved work. Compensation will be distributed in CHIRP tokens.

Join the

Become a Chirp Ambassador and be part of the revolution that's reshaping DePIN and Telecom. Your passion and commitment can make a significant impact on Chirp's journey!

Become a Chirp Ambassador and be part of the revolution that's reshaping DePIN and Telecom. Your passion and commitment can make a significant impact on Chirp's journey!