03 MAY 2024 – 17 JUNE 2024

Win a Miner in the Blackbird High-Spot Challenge!

Join the DePIN revolution to drive innovation and create a more connected, sustainable world. Participate in our contest to help expand Chirp’s decentralized network, provide communities with reliable IoT connectivity, and earn rewards with a Blackbird miner.

How to participate

1st step

Take a photo of the installation spot where you will install your Blackbird miner (e.g., the roof of a house, balcony of an apartment building, etc.).

2nd step

Take a photo of the view from this installation spot to show the coverage area your Blackbird miner will provide.

3rd step

Tweet the two photos you took, tag @ChirpDeWi, and include the hashtag #BlackbirdHighSpotChallenge.

4th step

Follow @ChirpDeWi

Prizes to be won


3 Blackbird miners, ready to earn you rewards immediately after mainnet launch — get one absolutely free!


A total of $1,000 in CHIRP tokens up for grabs!


1st to 3rd Place
Winners will receive a Blackbird miner.
4th Place
5th Place
6th Place
7th Place
8th to 10th Place
$50 each

Key rules and information

  • Selected winners must prove they can install the Blackbird miner at the showcased location.
  • We hold private communications with each winner to verify the installation capability.
  • Winners receive an NFT that can be burned to redeem and receive a shipment of the Blackbird Miner.
  • Communication with winners is kept strictly confidential to ensure privacy and data protection.
  • The miner will work only at the winning site and cannot be installed anywhere else.
  • Winners must install the Blackbird miner at the photographed location and share a post of the installation before the gateway is approved and converted into a miner.
  • The showcased location must not have a Chirp miner already installed; choose a different spot if there is one.

Contest criteria and selection process

  • Judging Criteria: Winners will be chosen based on the altitude of the installation location, the clarity, and the scope of the line of sight from the installation spot.
  • Selection Process: The Chirp team will select the best 10 entries, and from these, the top 3 winners will be chosen to receive a Blackbird miner. Positions 4 to 10 will be decided through community voting in Chirp’s Telegram group and will be rewarded in CHIRP tokens.

Check out full details on Medium.


Got a prime location? You're already ahead in the game! If not, don't worry—explore other spots with great potential. Get creative and ask your friends for suggestions. Remember, sharing is caring, and teamwork can lead you to victory!